Vera Wiz

Vera Home Automation Control

Configure Scenes and Devices that you want in Config
Currently supports Switch & Dimmer class. more to come...
Short press for toggle, long press to cycle dim (if supported)
Automatic switch between local or remote mode
Fast & efficient

A working Vera Remote control app!!

Nothing existing worked, so I wrote one.
The latest Vera authentication is quite complex. This is why 3rd party apps are few and far between. After some hours of tinkering I got it to work!!!

Vera Wiz - Layout


The App will only show devices that have been "selected" in the configuration. This way the App remains uncluttered. Devices are in the bottom part of the list after Scenes.


As with Devices, only Scenes that have been "selected" in the configuration are shown. Scenes are in the top section of the Menu


The App can use the Voice dictation functionality of the Pebble (Time & Round only). This will then recognise the following commands "ON,OFF,DIM", together with the NAME of your device. You can use normal spoken language like "Switch off Kitchen Lights", or "Kitchen lights off". As long as the command and device name are in the sentence.

Long Press Exit

Pressing the back button triggers the voice recognition. Long press (hold) the Back button to exit the app.


Up & Down buttons are used to scroll through the list.
Pressing the Select button will Toggle a device, or run a scene.
Long pressing (holding) the Select button will start the DIM cycle... The level will be set when you release the button.


Voice is not available on Original Pebble & Pebble Steel.
Some functions are only available in Registered(Paid) mode.

Vera Wiz - Configuration


Login - Vera Username
Password - Vera Password

Validate Button

Press this button to validate your credentials, and retrieve the necessary information from Vera! It will also validate if you have registered the app.

Status text

Just below the Validate buton you can see the status when the page is validating and retrieving further data. Look here for feedback!

Vera Select

Validation, a List of the Vera devices you have on the account will appear here. Most will only have one. Select the Vera here. The the available devices & scenes will load.

Devices & Scenes

Add Devices & Scenes by pressing the "Add another" button.... This will show a list of devices/scenes. if this list is empty or contains "Select Vera", please see "Validation". Press the X next to any added device/scene to remove it.

Registration/Unlock features

Enhanced features including voice require registration. If you want the enhanced functionality and you really believe it's not worth the $2, or you can't pay, drop us an email at We will give you a key either way!

Please consider a supporting my effort below, or as mentioned email me if you can't but still want the API/enhancements.



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