A Watchface developed for the Pebble Smartwatch. Designed to incorporate home automation elements. This project is still in its early days, and has a rich roadmap. It is available on the Pebble App-store. The main design goals were:

Digital Watch



Step Count

Bluetooth & Battery Status

Info Bar with various modes

2nd Timezone
Custom Text
Home Automation Status

This was my first attempt at a watch-face, and has been fairly simple, but also stimulating. The Pebble SDK and documentation are rich, and developing with CloudPebble has been a pleasant experience.

YAWN - Watchface Layout


The Battery Icon (left) can display an icon, percentage, or both. The Icon will display a number of bars inside a battery depending on charge level. The mode of the battery display can be adjusted from the configuration page. The battery icon can also be hidden altogether from the configuration page.


The Date (middle) is printed as abbreviated text at the top of the watch-face. It displays the Weekday and the day of the month (suffixed).


The Bluetooth Icon (right) displays an icon when the watch and phone are connected. The Icon will dissapear when there is no connection to the phone. The icon can be hidden by changing the setting in the configuration page.


The Weather includes current temp, min/max forecast temp and a weather condition icon. The weather is updated periodically (30 min by default). This is configurable. The temperature format can be selected (C/F) in the configuration page. Weather data is from OpenWeather

HA variables/Step count

This section (right), will display variables from the automation API by default. Shaking the watch will show the current step count for 4 seconds. The variables are set using the API. You can configure this space to allways show the step count.


The current location as reported by OpenWeather is show here. This is returned from the current GPS location.


The time is displayed with a Dot based font (I liked it). The time format will follow the format set by the watch. There is no am/pm indicator... I find it to be a bit redundant.

Home Automation Icons


This icon represents the state of your house security system. Secure/Unsecure.


Represents the state of a garage/gate/door. Open/Closed.


Represents the state of a light/group of lights On/Off


Represents the state of a airconditioner On/Off

YAWN - Configuration


Show Battery Status - Show/Hide Battery Icon
Battery Mode - Show Icon/Percentage or Both


Show Bluetooth Status - Show/Hide Bluetooth Icon (visible when connected to phone)
Vibe - Vibrate on connection status change. Options are "On Connect", "On Disconect", "Both" or "None".


Select between Celsius/Fahrenheit
Select the weather update frequency - Between 15 & 60 minutes


Enable Health - You can enable/disable health integration. Switch this off if you don't have the health app enabled.
Always Show Steps - By default the steps will only be shown when the watch is "shaken". If you prefer, setting this option will permanently show step count.
The step count will update with weather, or shake.

Bottom Bar Mode

YAWN - Show "YAWN" & version number.
HA ICONS - Will show Home Automation State Icons - See API documentation
CUSTOM TEXT - Show two lines of user defined text
2ND TIMEZONE - Show time for a second time-zone. Set the time-zone name & Hour offset
SUN RISE/SET - Show Sunrise and Sunset for current Location
3 DAY FORECAST - Show three day weather forecast.... UNDER DEVELOPMENT!
BLANK - Show nothing
All options except YAWN are only available with registration!!!


Upon purchasing/donating a Registration Key via the Paypal link below, you can enter your email address and unique key to activate the advanced options for the bottom bar, as also enable the home automation API as described below. Tap on the Validate button to verify registration. The registration details are automatically saved.

YAWN - API Documentation

How it Works

To use this functionality the Bottom Bar has to be set to "HA ICONS". This will enable the API.

Currently this functionality consists of FOUR icons.
HOME SECURED - shows a house that is secured (alarm armed, all doors locked etc.)
GARAGE DOOR - shows a garage/gate as open or closed
LIGHTS - shows a light or group of lights on/off
AC - shows if Air-conditioning (heating/cooling) is on/off

The status of these icons are retrieved once per minute, or when watch is "shaken"

The status of these icons can be controlled by utilising your registered email & key and a simple web-service call a explained below

How to Use it

To set the State of the icons execute the following URL with appropriate parameters


email - your registered email address

key - your registered/unique key


state - 0 or 1

If any of the provided parameters are incorrect you will receive an error. If everything is set correctly, you will get back a JSON result showing the current status for all four Icons

This can be called from any device that can make calls to URL's, including many home automation devices that support some form of scene control of scripting. It can also be called using the very popular ITTT platform and MAKER channel.

If you need any assistance/advice please don't hesitate contacting us via email below

Registration/Unlock features

We have chosen to make the Registration optional after some thought. If you want the enhanced functionality please go ahead and make a donation below.

I no longer provide FREE registrations, as the Pebble platform is dying, and the cost of maintaining server infrastucture already exceeds the infrequent donations. I appreciate your understanding in this regard.

The Key that we provide is mainly to use the Home automation API, for security Purposes. This is then used in the watch configuration. all calls to the HA API need to then include your registered email address and key. The Registration will also unlock some advanced settings in the configuration app, as mentioned above. The registration process is completely automated, and you will receive an email to the email adress linked to you Paypal account upon completing the Paypal payment Process.

Please consider a supporting my effort below, if you want the API/enhancements.



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